Faculty Alumni

Follow the links to learn more about faculty positions and projects of the Zador Lab alumni

Petr Znamenskiy (former grad student) — Faculty, Crick Institute, England (2020)

Justus Kebschull (former grad student) — Faculty, Johns Hopkins (2020)

Mike Deweese (former postdoc) — Faculty, U.C. Berkeley

Qiaojie Xiong (former postdoc) — Faculty, Stony Brook

Yang Yang (former grad student) — Faculty, Shanghai Tech

Simon Rumpel (former postdoc) — Faculty, University of Mainz, Germany

Gonzalo Otazu (former postdoc) — Faculty, NY Institute of Technology

Tomas Hromadka (former grad student) — Faculty, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Marta Moita (former postdoc) — Faculty, Champalimaud, Portugal

Susana Lima (former postdoc) — Faculty, Champalimaud, Portugal

Hysell Oviedo (former postdoc) — Faculty, CUNY

Hiro Asari (former grad student) — Faculty, EMBO, Rome

Santiao Jaramillo (former postdoc) — Faculty, U of Oregon, Eugene

Mike Wehr (former postdoc) — Faculty, U of Oregon, Eugene